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Your Web space on the Nicolet College server is provided by Nicolet College. This is a pilot project. What you publish on Nicolet College Web servers creates an impression of you and the college. The Web, an important way to share information today, is a great place for faculty to publish course material and for students to share their work with their instructors, peers and the community. Some instructors require students to publish course work on the Internet; others make it optional. Here are some general guidelines to help you and protect you.

When you publish material on the web it can be accessed all over the world. What you publish on the Web is posted in a public place and can be plagiarized. Placing a copyright symbol on your Web material can remind people that this is your original work and it should not be stolen and passed off as someone else's work. While publishing on the Web has advantages, some information posted on your Web pages, or on the pages with which you link, could have lasting negative effects, such as preventing you from getting certain jobs or aligning you with controversial causes. What kinds of resources you link to say something about you. Do not reveal personal information about yourself or others that you do not wish to make public. Some organizations require permission to link to their sites and have specific guidelines you must follow.

Consider the sensibilities of the possible audiences for your Web page on the Nicolet server. Students and faculty at NATC come from many different cultures. Do not intentionally insult or harass someone because of race, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs. Do not post sexually explicit material or link to such content.

Materials posted on Nicolet College web servers must be your own content or you must receive permission from the original copyright owner.

Nicolet College reserves the right to restrict your access to posting content if you fail to meet the expectations outlined in this document.

These are general guidelines for Nicolet College Student Web sites:
If you are developing a website under the auspices of Nicolet College, either as a staff member, faculty member, or student, you should be fully aware of Nicolet College policies and procedures, including, but not limited to:

Computer Use Policy

It is your responsibility to be aware of any Nicolet College policies and any changes in those policies that may impact any webpage linked to the Nicolet College Web presence.

You cannot engage in commercial activity not sanctioned by Nicolet College or sell access to Nicolet College computing resources. You must adhere to all federal and state laws.

You are fully responsible for your login and password. DO NOT share this information with others. Do not use any account except for the one you have been authorized to use.

You may not intentionally deny, damage, or interfere with any network resources.

If you are creating a Web page for a particular class, your instructor will have specific requirements.

Copying images off the Web without permission and putting them on your page is a copyright violation, even if you give credit to the source. Graphics on the Web are not free unless they are advertised as free. Some free graphics distributors require you post a reference to the source when you use the graphic.

Nicolet College identity standards must be followed for all content hosted on the following servers:

Those standards are as follows:
Web developers should strive to ensure that a campus department, division or discipline website clearly indicate that the site is a part of the College Web presence. This section strives to identify how to accomplish this while allowing individual departments to retain their own overall site design and delivery as appropriate to their particular discipline or content.

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